1st Berryfield, Aylesbury

Wolf Cub Badge Requirements (1916-1967) first and second stars

The Arrow Scheme (1967-1978) (Bronze silver, gold)
These arrows lasted just eleven years before a new scheme was introduced which allowed Cubs virtually complete freedom to choose which twelve activities they took part in for each of the three arrows

The Developed Arrow Scheme (1978-1990)
This was again superceded in 1990 by a new award scheme which still allowed the Cubs to choose the activities they wish to take part in, but in a much more structured way

The Challenge and Adventure Badges

In 1966 out went first class and second class, in came the Scout Standard, Advanced Scout Standard and Chief Scout Award; the Queen Scout Award was retained, but no longer was it a Scout section badge, but belonged in the Venture Unit, and no longer was it a case of earning proficiency badges, but included long term service, commitment, and a 50+ mile expedition over four days.