1st Berryfield, Aylesbury


1st Berryfield scout group had a very tentative start in 2012 from a wooden hut on a housing estate. 2013 saw the group move into the community suite at Berryfield primary school. February 2014 saw us reformed and so 1st Berryfield Scout Group was relaunched, from then on we have never stopped still, the past two years has seen us grow from strength to strength and we now have full beaver and cub sections. April 2016 sees us return after Easter with the formation of the Berryfield Bears Scout Troop.

We are looking forward to an exciting future with a dedicated team of leaders and full support of a dynamic executive team, our parents share our goal for their children, and are invaluable to the running of the sections and the activities we provide. We are a thriving group and are passionate at giving our young people a full scouting experience in all our sections.

We are very fortunate to have been offered support from a number of groups and associations over the past two years who have provided financial support to enable us to purchase our own equipment. This has had I direct impact on our growth and success without their support we really wouldn't be in the position we are today.

Role of honour goes to:

So although this is a very short history our future is now laid out before us. If you would like further information on our group or would like to add your children to our waiting list please contact us using our contact form